Sunday, February 24, 2008

Private QSO

Assalamualaikum wbt and very goodday to all,

Just a few days ago, i'm wondering weither my ICOM 2200H able to QSO in private with other station like scramble audio such as Motorola and Spender product . The other station monitoring might sense a signal but no audio being heard. So i started to explore my manual instruction handbook in order to get the full picture of its capability and compatibilty of what are the real function of :
  1. CTCSS tone encoder
  2. CTCSS tone encoder/decoder
  3. DTCS tone encoder/decoder

Can we use this function to QSO in private? .......

CTCSS tone encoder - normally you are using it to access repeater because you need to set TONE such as 103.5 , 203.5 or else . Repeaters will give access when you're transmitting the right TONE and the right shift +/- of course.

CTCSS tone encoder/decoder - Nor like CTCSS tone encoder, both or group members set the same tone for Tx Tone and Rx tone. The other station may heard your audio, but they are not able to join in because you have setting the tone for Rx which not known by others. This function is useful when you're not allow someone else to interfere between your conversation in group.

DTCS tone encoder/decoder - This function is a bit advance compare with CTCSS, it is stands for Digital Tone Code Squelch. It will open squelch/tone when receiving a signal
with the same pre-programmed subaudible tone or DTCS code, respectively. So in theory, other station may not heard any audio from us. It is not been tested yet of how does its really work and is it really .....PRIVATE? we need to use it.?..and why?

It is called DCS for yaesu Ft8800 for information.

I'm keen to know from you guys, please throw your comment/experience here and hopefully we can fully know how to operate well our rig/HT. That's why we are called station and it is need to be operated by...... . And who are you if you can't operate your own rig/Ht?????

Next...we will discuss on a digital function and can we link up using the internet gateway?

73 Cheriooo


peihong said...

ctcss dan dscss tu blocking orang join in je... tapi orang masih boleh monitor.....

Zek@9w2pro said...

Qsl..terima kasih bro Peihong...kalau org masih boleh monitor then memang kena beli set yg ada scramble ada ke set yg boleh unscramblekan ...amacam...ada ka itu produk?

peihong said...

yang tu rasanya icr3 kut.... kata orang scanner ni apa scramble pun main langgar je.... termasuk yang .--. -.. .-. -- punya

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