Monday, December 21, 2009

DX'ing : My Landlord says " NO ANTENNA"

Have you heard my audio on HF band immediate after obtained my Class A license? Even my friends from V17 has offered to me HF Radio Transceiver for me to use it , but i still can't accept it. Why?

Currently i'm staying at Government Quarters somewhere at Setapak Area. I cannot do anything as i had to follow by the government quarters rules. No antennas except an ASTRO dish are permitted to install. It is very hopeless.. I may not having a good time to enjoy such great hobby likes other operators but is it means NO antenna NO satisfaction NO QSO and anything related to antenna?

How i'm going to move on without an antenna installed on top of my roof? How far i can enjoy the privilege?

It doesn't stop me to move forward as i've got encouragement from hams around me. Sometimes i envy toward a hams showing their great HF antenna installed on top of their house and shack room to be proud of it. And behind of those, somebody like me who always wondering to get an opportunity like them. Emmmm......what shall i do?

The answer is find the best location to DX and have fun. Recently Wilayah V17 DX Team and me had enjoyed DX'ing at Pengkalan Balak and Port Dickson.

Wait for the next posting.....i'll share to you my experience working at HF Band and how i found out it was FUN.

Happy DX'ing!


Jon Che Ya said...

Salam bro.. jgn jadikan itu sebagai penghalang.. :) kalau tak boleh letak yagi or dipole.. how about a longwire.. ianya tak nampak mcm antena..hehehe.. just my nonsense idea.. i also staying at a gov quarter (apartment) and having problem with the same dilema... but i dont have hf set yet.. n will try to use the long wire method once i got my self a hf set n a tuner.. soon.. :)

have a nice day dxing bro...
de 9w2acy

9m2rie said...

sabar pro. bila kita tak tx on HF. Pasti ada suara yang tanya "bila nak main 20m,40m,80m". Itu terletak pada kemampuan masing2. Orang tak tahu pro masalah kita dilema pro. Depa tau kutuk saja.

9W2MXM - Masruddin said...

'Di mana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan penyelesaian'. "NO ANTENNA" in my point of view is suppose for permenant installation. What about 'something' that you can erect or dismantle in minutes or perhap seconds? 'Something' that you no need to attach to the building except your cables...

9W2TPT said...

There are many alternatives that you can do bro .. search for deed restricted antennas and you could find quite a number that either you could brew your own or buy them.. any antenna is better than no antenna at all ..

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