Monday, May 25, 2009

CW-8 Balance CW and life

Sometimes i need to differentiate maturely the most importance and the best of my family. Of course to learn CW you need to manage time well to learn and at the same time spending a high quality time with your family.

Besides working from 8am to 6pm,a crucial time with my family is from 8pm until they fall asleep. If i said i was been busy during office hours, i will also say the same thing during family hours. So, when will be the most appropiate time for me to learn CW?

" Midnight "
I always remind myself not to put hobbies as my first priority as i got responsibilities to handle. I you saw a boxes labeled "HANDLE WITH CARE", this is how i treated my family. So...i spare my time during midnight 12am to 1am just to focus in CW..except malam jumaat la...bunuh syaitan. ..ada faham ka...ehehehe....i'll be wasting my mileage if not married...haiyaaa..lucky i have.
Let say...i passed CW test and hold class A will be the happiest moment for me but does my family feels the same too....emmmmmm. do they????
Just to make it clear for me, i learn CW because purely on knowledge as becoming ham operator. And what so special about CW...go thru'll know. So am i affecting you? Not at all. Back to basic.....if i got an honored from my will be the societies afterward.
An advice to myself......BALANCE IT...
p/s - trying CW words....all char with 14WPM....playing around.


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